Passover Orders

For our customers convenience:   

2019 Pesach deliveries to the Miami, Broward, and Orlando areas


Erev Pesach:

  • Orlando Delivery - Wednesday April 17_____$100.00
  • Miami and Broward Delivery – Mon April 15, Wed April 17, Thurs April 18_____$75.00

Chol Hamoed :

  • Orlando – Overnight shipping____$40.00
  • Miami and Broward Delivery - Mon April 22, Tues April 23, Wed April 24_____$10.00

The deadline for a guaranteed Orlando delivery is Thursday, April 4.

All local orders MUST be in by 12 PM the day before delivery. NO EXCEPTIONS!

We look forward to a wonderful Pesach season with all our South Florida Kosher Customers.

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